Which Kia Sedan is Right for You: Optima vs Forte

Of these two Kia sedans, which of them goes home with you and sits in your garage for a year or more? Here are features and information to help you make an informed choice based on your preference and needs from a sedan by Kia.

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First, we will have a look at pricing before drivetrain options, powertrain options, cargo space and color availability.


The Kia Optima has a base price of $23,390 while the Kia Forte starts off more costly at $17,890.

Drivetrain and Powertrain

The Forte has only a singular model while the Optima boasts three: gas, hybrid and plug-in hybrid. The latter has a 2.4L engine in its hood providing 185 horsepower as the standard engine; the hybrid and plug-in hybrid come different, with a 2L four-cylinder inline Full Parallel Hybrid System. Of worthy mention is that you can have two other engine types in the Optima: 1.6L turbocharged engine providing 178 horsepower and a 2L turbocharged engine providing 245 horsepower. Whereas in the Kia Forte, a 2L four-cylinder engine providing 147 horsepower is the default and a turbocharged 1.6L four-cylinder inline engine providing more horsepower of 201hp is a better alternative in terms of horsepower.

Cargo Space

15.9 cubic feet of cargo space is just about right for the Optima’s length, width and its 120.7 cubic feet of interior space. On the Forte side of cargo space, it holds 0.6 cubic feet of cargo space less than the Optima Р15.3 cubic feet of cargo space.


The Optima comes in seven(7) and six(6) colors for its chassis and cabin respectively. Horizon Blue, Gravity Grey, Snow White Pearl, Sangria, Ebony Black, Passion Red and Sparkling Silver for its chassis; Sport Black Cloth, Black Cloth, Red Leather, Brown Cloth, Grey Leather and Black Leather for its cabin.
The Forte comes with more options in eight(8) colors for its chassis and cabin. Aurora Black Pearl, Fire Orange, Clear White, Deep Sea Blue, Gravity Grey, Silky Silver, Snow White Pearl and Currant Red for its chassis; Black SOFINO, Black SOFINO and Cloth with Red Stitching, Black SOFINO with Red Stitching, Black SOFINO and Cloth with White Stitching, Red Two-Tone SOFINO, Grey Two-Tone SOFINO, Gray Woven Cloth and Black Woven Cloth are the colors for its cabin.

You can choose either or both. Whatever your choice though, we are here to deliver your choice to you or work with you until you drive one or both out of our dealership at 1 Windbeam Road, Riverdale, NJ 07457. You can visit us, book a virtual appointment with us or call Sales on 973-987-6360.

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