OEM vs Aftermarket Parts

Being in the market for auto parts or spare parts for your vehicle comes with its fair share of challenges. Notably, either to go for auto parts directly from an original equipment manufacturer or for aftermarket parts. The decision to go for either of these sits in the difference.

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OEM Parts

OEM, as the full name implies, comes directly from the vehicle manufacturer. These parts are built just like the parts from the original manufacturer. It is best to stick with OEM parts if you do not know much about the auto parts of any car at all, including your vehicle. Because they are built just like the original parts, they cost higher than the price the aftermarket parts go for.

These type of parts come solid with a full year warranty and oftentimes, additional guarantees from the dealerships you buy them from (just like ours).

It is important to bear in mind that these type of parts do not offer you a wide range of selection because they are built as singular auto parts.

Aftermarket Parts

On the other hand, aftermarket parts are produced by independent parts manufacturers and they build these parts as close as possible to the genuine parts from the original manufacturer. However, this does not mean that aftermarket parts are fake.

These parts are best suitable for car lovers who know a lot about auto parts and can easily tell the most suitable aftermarket parts – and they come cheaper than OEM parts. What OEM parts lack in terms of a wide selection range, aftermarket parts make up for because they are manufactured by indie auto parts manufacturers. Nonetheless the availability of a wide range of aftermarket parts, this selection merit opens the door for the availability of faulty parts.

Quality is also a concern here because there is no quality metric to look up to.

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