Buy or Lease Your Next Kia with Route 23

When you’re ready to change your car, you may be stuck trying to figure out whether to buy or to lease. There are pros and cons to both, so let us take a few minutes of your time to talk to you about buying or leasing your next car.

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The Case for Buying

There are several good reasons for buying a car. First, if you plan on buying a car and keeping it at least 10 years, you may be better off buying a car rather than leasing it. You will pay for your car before the decade is out and you’ll be able to save the extra money towards a down payment. You may also want to buy a car because the dealer is offering free maintenance, discounts, rebates, and other sales that make buying a car an attractive option. We are always offering great deals and sales here at Route 23 Kia.

Buying a car is also a good idea if you put a lot of miles on your car during the year, because you would not qualify for a lease. You might be better off buying a car as well if you are reimbursed by your company for a car payment. Perhaps the biggest drawback to buying a car is that you will have to keep it for a while to justify your expense.

The Case for Renting

If you like having a new car regularly, you need to lease your car. That way, you can have a new car as often as you want. Leasing is also cheaper than buying a car over time. Many leases also mean that maintenance is included, which is great for your budget. However, car leases have a stipulation for mileage, so you won’t be able to drive long distances. You will also have to pay some money upfront for your lease.

When you make the decision to lease or buy your Kia, you need to come by and see us. We’re located at 1 Windbeam Road, Riverdale, New Jersey, 07457. You can also call us at 855.303.3878.