2020 Kia Optima vs Honda Accord

Are you trying to make a decision about which car to buy? There’s so much to consider, and sometimes it’s hard to make up your mind. Sometimes, if you compare the similarities and differences between the two vehicles, you may be able to make up your mind. With that in mind, let us tell you the differences between the 2020 Kia Optima and the Honda Accord.

2020 Kia Optima vs Honda Accord Financing near Wayne

Why Should I Buy the 2020 Kia Optima?

There’s no doubt that the Accord is a great car. It has been a bestselling car for years because of its comfort, safety, and reliability. However, while the Accord is a great car, it isn’t the most inventive car on the market, and many people are looking for a change.

The Kia offers that change. First, the style of the Kia speaks about innovation and change. There are added trim levels, which means that you can buy the baseline model, or amp up the luxury with the higher trim level models. One of the best features about the Optima over the Accord is the variety of engines available. You can opt for three different choices of gas-powered engines. There is also a hybrid model available, and if you want, you can also get an electric vehicle as well. Honda does not offer all of these varieties of engine on its Accord.

The Optima also carries the standard Kia warranty, which is nothing short of amazing. Kia has an incredible warranty, one of the best in the industry. While both the Optima and the Accord have great interiors as well as top of the lane safety features, the Optima offers a warranty that the Accord can’t match. There’s no doubt in our mind that you should take a good look at the Optima, and we’re convinced you’ll fall in love.

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