What to Expect for the 2021 Kia Forte

It’s not even time for the new model years to come out yet, but we are already speculating about what the 2021 Kia Forte will look like. The Kia Forte is already a hit, with its sleek lines and a spacious cabin. Here are some of our thoughts about what might be on the new Forte.

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What Will the Forte Look Like?

First, we know that the Forte’s design trend is to have a sleek exterior, with a streamlined aerodynamic design. The expectation is that the popular tiger-nose grill will be larger, and the exterior will be more sculpted, because a lot of fans have remarked on the slick exterior as a selling point.

We are also expecting that the cabin will see some upgrades, especially to the technology. We expect the screen may be bigger, and we think that this edition of the Forte will also incorporate a wireless charger as well. Because the Forte is a family car, we may see a little more trunk space and a little more room in the interior for people, because it represents the sweet spot for Kia between the powerful sports car (Stinger) and the luxury car (Cadenza).

We don’t expect a redesign of the Forte until 2024, which means that while there will be tweaks to the Forte, there won’t be major changes until that model year. However, we think that the tweaks will be interesting, and make the Forte that much more popular with the Forte-loving consumer.

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