2020 Best Family Cars Award: Kia Sedona

When you are looking for your next car, it can be a really tough decision to make. You want a car that looks great, but you also want a car that is built for your family. The Kia Sedona is able to do both–satisfy your need to have a car that looks good, but you also want a car that is family friendly. The Kia Sedona has been named as one of the best family cars on the market by Parents magazine. If you’re interested in finding a family friendly car, we’ve got one for you right here.

Finance or Lease 2020 Kia Sedona Riverdale best family car

Why The Sedona Is So Special

Parent’s Magazine cited the Sedona as the best value van for the money, and it’s easy to see why. The starting price of the Kia Sedona is nearly $5,000 less than the other minivans in its class. That’s a huge selling point for families on a budget.

The Sedona also got high marks from Parents Magazine for its ability to drive like a car, even though it is a minivan. The Sedona can pull into tight spaces, and maneuvers like a car, rather than a truck. The transmission on the engine has been redesigned from a six speed to an eight speed, which gives the driver more control on the highway. Because customers said they needed more power to shift in the Sedona while traveling, Kia listened and moved into a transmission that gives drivers more control.

Car Seats?

Parents Magazine also discussed the Sedona’s ability to fit a lot of car seats in the interior. For a family car, it is really important for a family to fit all of their car seats in. Most cars have room for two or three car seats, but any parent will tell you that it gets uncomfortable as the kids (and the car seats) grow. The Sedona has room for four or five seats, which means most families will be able to sit comfortably.


When you think about traveling with the family, you’ll want your kids to be entertained. The Sedona has an entertainment package that allows families to have two touchscreens in the back. No more kids arguing in the back seat over which game to play or which program to watch–because there are two touchscreens. Talk about a drama-free vacation!

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