Get Your Vehicle Ready for Spring with These Tips

Between cold temperatures, slush, and salt, winter can really do a number on your vehicle, from the wiper blades and tires to the underbody and vital fluids. That’s why it’s important to give it a thorough once-over as spring approaches.

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You can do most of the work yourself, or you can leave it to the professionals at Route 23. Either way, here are the 5 most important tasks you need to accomplish to get your car in tip-top shape for spring.

1. Thorough Underbody Wash

Winter driving coats the bottom of your vehicle with sludge and grime that can result in corrosion, which can lead to rust, which can make your car dangerous to drive and harder to sell when the time comes. It’s a good idea to use a jack to raise your vehicle to get the bottom cleaned thoroughly.

2. Door Scrubbing and Window Lubrication

Sand and salt can also damage your car’s paint job, so you need to scrub door bottoms and window channels, the latter which you should coat with a silicone spray to lubricate the windows so they’ll operate smoothly.

3. Wiper Blade Replacement

We recommend that you replace your wiper blades every spring and fall. You can get a pair of new ones for around $25, or we can replace them during your spring tuneup at our dealership.

4. Tire Pressure Check

Cold temperatures cause your tires to deflate, and the approaching warm weather will inflate them. Driving on under- or over-inflated tires can damage your vehicle, but driving with tires that are properly inflated saves you money. While you’re checking the pressure, ensure that you inspect for uneven wear and worn tread.

5. Fluid Top-Offs

Make sure to check your wiper fluid level, as you’ve probably used more of it during the winter months. You should also change your oil and top off your transmission and brake fluid.

To save you the hassle of these spring tasks, you can schedule a spring makeover for your vehicle at the Route 23 Kia dealership at 1 Windbeam Road, Riverdale, NJ 07457 by calling 855-303-3878.