Get Your Kia Ready For Winter

Winter is here and along with it comes holiday cheer and chilly weather! We all know to bundle ourselves up for winter, but did you know there are important things you should be doing to keep your car safe during the colder months as well? Here at Route 23 Kia, we have put together a quick and simple guide for you to follow to keep your Kia safe and sound.

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First things first, you need to get everything squared away under the hood. When it comes to your engine, any issues you come across can be significantly worse in cold weather. Make sure to get your filter and oil changes on time. If you’re concerned about a problem, bring your car in and get your engine checked out by one of our certified technicians straight away.

You’ll also want to get your battery tested. Cold weather can knock your battery out completely if it’s on its last legs. Replace it with a new one if it is nearing its end to avoid being stuck out in the cold. Next up is your cooling system. You want to ensure your coolant levels are high enough and if you need to add more, create a 50/50 mix of water and antifreeze. Getting your cooling system flushed if you haven’t recently is always a good idea to prep for extreme temperatures as well.

Old tires make traversing icy roads extremely dangerous because you’ll have less traction and handling. Winter tires are available and will be a safe addition to your Kia during winter months. Your windshield also needs to be clear anytime you drive, no matter how short the trip. Ice buildup reduces visibility but can be tackled easily with winter wiper blades. You’ll also want to keep ice scrapers and windshield solvent on hand.

Last but not least, prepare yourself for anything by keeping an emergency kit in your trunk. If you get trapped out in the snow after a breakdown or accident you’ll want things like boots, extra gloves and blankets to keep warm. Cat litter and a small shovel will save you if you get stuck in snow and flares will alert any passersby that you’re up ahead before they get too close. Flashlights, a phone charger, snacks, and bottled water are also always good additions to your kit.

If you need help prepping your Kia for the cold months ahead, come on in to Route 23 Kia today and we’ll get your vehicle serviced and winter ready!